The Rhyton Project is run by Fiona Clark.


        Art projects is the field of interest and expertise.
        The current project is “www.taranakivista.co.nz”.
        This is a live landscape photography
work using the high
        resolution web-camera mounted near Inglewood.
        As well as the fresh view of the mountain there is a gallery
        of still pictures of great days and interesting
        The Taranaki Vista project is supported and was funded by i Taranaki and
        Creative New Zealand .

                  Rhyton Project

                  Administer, manage and supervise Art Projects.

                  This includes, but is not limited to,  my own projects and projects in Taranaki.
              Contact us at  fionamaryclark@outlook.com

                  The Rhyton project advances landscape art by incorporating the dimension of time.